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Support Our Vision
You can make a secure, online donation using Carle Center for Philanthropy’s online form. Be sure to enter ECHO/Carle Auditory Oral School under the gift designation section.

Support Our Vision

For years, the ECHO program has relied on charitable dollars (donated money) to help purchase equipment, supply patient education materials, fund staff education and encourage research.
Tax-deductible gifts made to Carle Center for Philanthropy and designated for ECHO or Carle Auditory Oral School have been used to:

  • Renovate space by adding sound-soak paneling and padding under the carpets to reduce the effects of background noise and reverberation.
  • Upgrade technology including the installation of a video observation system enabling parents to watch their child’s progress and stay up-to-date on appropriate expectations for their child’s spoken language and listening skills.
  • Purchase toddler playground equipment that is safe for cochlear implants.
  • Acquire therapy and instructional materials for pupils
  • Buy FM transmitters and receivers.
  • Secure a Visual Reinforcement Audiometry system.
  • Purchase loaner hearing aids and FM systems for patients.

In August 2009, The Carle Foundation opened the new ECHO building, a facility devoted to children with hearing loss. Donations funded nearly half of the $6.25 million project.

And while tuition to the school is based on ability to pay, there is still a large “gap” between the actual costs and reimbursed costs. For years, Carle Foundation Hospital simply absorbed this gap, but as the hospital faces challenges of its own, there is an opportunity for charitable support to help offset the operational costs of the school.

For more information about ways to give, please visit Carle Center for Philanthropy website at

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